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The eruv is not yet inspected

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The Northern Virginia Jewish community in Fairfax has constructed an eruv to provide a ritual enclosure of geographically contiguous neighborhoods to facilitate activities otherwise prohibited on Shabbat.

The eruv creates opportunities to:

  • Enhance the lives of those who personally observe Shabbat or who have family members and visitors who do so.
  • Enable growth through retention of growing families.
  • Attract new families to Fairfax.
  • Deepen community bonds by facilitating the interactions that neighbors have with each other on Shabbat.

The Eruv project is managed by the Fairfax Eruv Committee, a nonprofit organization and exempt organization (Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code), incorporated in the State of Virginia, and is supported by the Jewish Federation of Greater Washington, and members of the local community.

bring food

Food can be brought to pot lucks and meals to those sick at home or in the hospital.

diaper bag

Books, bags with extra clothes, diapers and toys - as well as children - can be carried.


Strollers enable both parents to attend services, visit, and share Sabbath meals.

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